Adaptive Furnishings

Adaptive Furnishings That Enhances Learning & Improves Mobility & Connectivity in The Classroom

Teaming Tables

Adaptive furnishings in the classroom can facilitate 21st Century Learning Technology and take the classroom experience to the next level. Classroom furnishings built for mobility and connectivity can be customized on a day-to-day basis to best fit the lesson plan and facilitate effective collaboration. This works hand in hand with the array of classrooms technologies, and can even provide charging and connectivity solutions as part of the furniture itself.

Teaming Tables take collaboration to the next level, integrating students’ mobile devices with the instructor’s classroom management platform. This allows for students to be connected and work together on group projects via mobile device while the teacher dictates and monitors the class’s participation using AV controls and their own interactive classroom display.


Find out more about how adaptive furnishings have already impacted the classroom from students and teachers themselves: