Collaboration Suite That Improves & Enhances The Entire Learning Experience

Collaboration services from promedia

Promedia’s collaboration suite combines voice, video, instant messaging, and more to provide an integrated platform for improved communication and learning experiences that were never before possible. Unified Collaboration solutions also allow you to take advantage of the influx of devices in your environment and turn them into additional tools to foster further communication and collaborative experiences.

With integrated voice, video, and instant messaging, not only does the organization benefit from an enhanced phone system for making basic calls, but also a robust set of features and applications that enable enhanced communication and ability to share info and data.

High definition video conferencing is perhaps the most exciting collaboration feature in Promedia’s portfolio. As an education offering, video in the classroom can serve a variety of purposes, from digital field trips, to lesson recording and playback, to team teaching lessons, to enhanced professional development. Plus, with integrated intelligent features designed specifically to benefit education, the Capture, Transfrom, Share recording platform can facilitate remote learning and spur discussions of in-class topics around recorded video.