Classroom Video Recording

In today’s world, everything is captured on video and nearly everyone carries a video camera. Video has become one of the most pervasive ways we share our lives and communicate. Video can also be a very productive tool in the classroom benefiting administrators, teachers and students. With the right tools to capture, store, share and collaborate, teacher and student created videos can expand the learning environment with flipped classrooms, easy access to professional development opportunities and streamline classroom evaluations.

The Swivl™ C Series Robot

The Swivl Solution, combining a robotic tracking and motion with flexible cloud video management and collaboration tools, can help you accomplish this with a cost effective, easy to use platform that enables you to create content and host an ongoing dialog to foster learning.

Benefits for Students:

  • Presentation recording and publishing – These solutions give you the ability to simply record student presentations and projects to be shared with others in the districts, parents, and more
  • Practice and skill-building – Allow students to see themselves learning and build skills in real time. Recorded content can be annotated so that students can analyze their mistakes and make improvements in the future, recognizing the progress they’ve made along the way and helping to set goals for the future.

Benefits for Teachers & Institutions

  • Student teaching requirements – Use classroom video recording technology such as Swivl to simply record a student teacher’s lessons and share them with professors and administrators for progress reports and feedback. These solutions help education students and institutions meet EdTPA requirements.
  • Professional development – Whether as part of a district program or personal improvement, teachers can record lessons for later review, gradually honing content and style to make the greatest impact on students
  • Content creation and sharing – Allow instructors to record and share particularly effective or powerful lesson with other teachers in your district and beyond. Video recordings can be edited and uploaded to your preferred learning management system to be reused by other teachers or in a flipped learning environment.

C Series Overview from Swivl.

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