Educational Devices & Application Support

NJ IT Support Solutions for Education. Improve Collaboration & Performance in The Classroom

The evolution of classroom and mobile devices, as well as the explosion of applications that has accompanied it, have proven to be an exciting development for the world of education. Streaming video allows for ideas to be shared seamlessly across time and space. Collaboration solutions connect students, teachers, and administrators, allowing them to work together to solve problems as never before. Web-based applications like Google apps and Microsoft Office 365 provide platforms for collaborative classwork that allow teachers to innovate and students to participate individually and in teams. Devices from Apple, Panasonic, Asus, Samsung, and more are the tools on which this new dynamic education environment takes place. Promedia continues to keep pace with these emerging technologies and will assist in the deployment of solutions that engage students while enhancing the educational experience and critical thinking.

Promedia’s Solutions for Devices & App Support: