Google School & Chromebooks

google-apps-1024x575Google is providing an exciting new platform for schools to increase collaboration and provide user-friendly solutions at a very attractive price point for any district. This provides an excellent solution to schools wishing to modernize their classrooms and enhance collaboration while working with the strict budget constraints normally associated with our education environments.

Google Apps provide a dynamic platform to manage student email and facilitate deeper collaboration with tools like Google Docs and Hangouts. These free tools provide extensive functionality to facilitate the 21st Century Learning experience, allowing students and teachers to share documents and work together in one integrated platform. To take it a step further, the Google Vault allows for email and chat archiving, legal holds, and audit reports for compliance.

ChromebookChromebooks provide an optimal platform to execute the Google Apps model in the classroom. These web-based devices work from the Google Chrome Operating System, and deliver excellent performance from Google Apps and other web-based tools. For some educational goals, this will platform can achieve and exceed the projected outcomes.

For more complex programs and operations where Google and Microsoft may fall short, Promedia can help to design customized solutions to meet those goals. Applications like Virtual Desktop Integration (VDI) can be useful in delivering these more complex classroom needs, and Promedia possesses extensive experience designing and deploying these solutions to deliver ease of use and high performance for teachers and students in the classroom, especially with the higher demands found with high school curriculum, educators and staff.