Flipped Classrooms

Send Classwork Home & Do Homework in Class With The Flipped Classroom Model

Promedia’s 21st Century Learning technologies come together to provide an excellent platform to deploy flipped learning models to transform the in-class experience, enhancing student engagement and performance. The flipped classroom model inverts traditional teaching methods, delivering instruction materials online outside of the classroom and moving homework-like activities into the classroom.

Our 21st Century Learning portfolio supports this innovative model by giving you all of the tools you need to record video, create interactive lessons, share documents and information, and achieve flipped learning. Together, video recording technology, curriculum management, mobile devices (possibly with virtual desktop integrations), and more, allow for students to access their lessons outside of the classroom at their own pace. Then those some devices, in conjunction with classroom media and adaptive classroom furnishings, allow students and teachers to work together and collaborate inside the classroom to solve problems and use the skills they’ve learned.