Mobile Device Mgt. & BYOD

Improve Efficiencies While Reducing IT Costs With Our NJ Mobile Device Management & BYOD IT Solutions

While there are several deployment models gaining prevalence today, there is no denying the fact that mobile devices are becoming a larger presence in our lives and in our schools. When harnessed as an educational tool, these devices can unlock a world of new possibilities, allowing teachers and students to collaborate, share information, and engage with each other like never before. In order to ensure these devices are being used effectively, it is important to have a Mobile Device Management solution and a BYOD policy in place.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)Device Management w Icons

A strong MDM solution is very important in today’s educational environment. Whether it is supporting a 1-to-1 model, a device cart deployment, or BYOD (discussed further below), Mobile Device Management ensures that devices in the school are used effectively and have the ability to access the apps and tools they need to deliver successful learning outcomes. Our MDM offerings can help you manage all of your Apple, Android, and Windows devices and more to make push or restrict applications to groups of users, giving access to all of the right content while keeping students on task and minimizing device distractions.


Bring Your Own Device is quickly becoming an alternative device deployment option in many schools. Since a majority of students already have access to mobile devices for personal use, schools are looking to take advantage of those devices to achieve dynamic learning outcomes without the need to purchase a large number of devices to be owned by the school. This frees up budget for other technology and curriculum initiatives, and takes advantage of students’ comfortability with their own devices in a learning setting. For a BYOD initiative to truly succeed, it is imperative that a school have a strong networking foundation to provide maximum learning application performance and network security to keep all of the student and teacher data safe. If executed effectively, a BYOD program can help execute innovative teaching and learning styles while helping schools make more budget available for other technology and curriculum needs.