Wireless & Wired Access

Get Improved Performance & Stability With Our NJ Wired & Wireless Network IT Solutions

A well designed wired and wireless network is the backbone of any end-user computing initiative and a connected campus. The expanding reach of mobile devices, trends like BYOD and the explosion of exciting apps for education and business make a strong network infrastructure an essential piece of any technology deployment.

Wireless Access

An effective wireless network allows users the ability to use any of their devices and apps anywhere on your campus. A well designed network facilitates things like streaming video, collaborative work, and access to your data whenever you need it consistently and elegantly.

How can you optimize your network for the best results?

  • Consider your goals and objectives – In order to make the most of your wireless deployment, the first step is to identify the initiatives that your network will be supporting. Will you be streaming video? Supporting critical apps? Are there certain locations within the network that need to have enhanced coverage? Do you need a network optimized for coverage or density? All of these questions will contribute to the network design you ultimately choose.
  • Wireless Access Points – The most visible facet of a wireless network, the access point provides your end-users with a strong and borderless connection to the network. Cisco’s portfolio of access points includes CleanAir Technology to avoid RF interference, ClientLink to improve reliability and coverage, BandSelect to improve 5 GHz connections, and VideoStream to improve multimedia application performance.
  • Wireless Controllers – Effective wireless controllers reduce operational expenses by simplifying network deployment as well as ongoing operations, security and management. Wireless controllers help centrally manage, secure, and configure access points throughout your environment from one pane of glass.

Wired Access

Your wired network infrastructure – routers and switches – provide the basic foundation on which to build the structure of your network and enable it to scale up and out to handle all types of network traffic. This supporting network infrastructure ensures all of the exciting applications you’re running today – video, voice, collaboration, Google apps, and more – have the ability to perform at their best and deliver the highest quality experiences.

A well designed routing and switching infrastructure provides:

  • The highest quality of service (QoS) for data, voice, and video traffic
  • Quicker application deployment with reduced costs and complexity
  • Scalability to continue to provide the best performance possible as you execute a long term technology strategy, adding applications and new technology goals as you grow