Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

In the event of a disaster or power outage, Your Business Doesn’t Have to Suffer. Keep it running Smoothly With Our NJ Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery IT Solutions

Disaster Recovery solutions are essential to safeguarding providing reliability to today’s data centers. Sources of downtime such as power outages, extreme weather events, viruses and other attacks, and even something as simple as user error, constantly threaten your infrastructure’s ability to power your technology initiatives. A solid disaster recovery plan ensures that even in the event of a data center shutdown, you can continue with organizational objectives with minimum downtime.

Your particular business continuity and disaster recovery plan will be a customized set of procedures and objectives based on your environment and your disaster recovery goals. Essentially, an effective disaster recovery plan should give you the ability to replicate your data and run essential applications at a secondary remote site for a period of time that will allow you to restore infrastructure operations at your primary data center. This remote location can be a secondary physical data center or a Disaster Recovery as a Service provider in the cloud, which provides guaranteed uptime and recovery objective fulfillment.