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Identify Vulnerabilities & Threats With Our Computer Network Security Solutions

Network security infrastructure is designed to ensure that all of your users have access to the right data at the right time to effectively run their applications and collaborate while keeping outside threats to your network at bay. A combination of firewalls, email and web security appliances, and context aware, identity based network management tools can ensure that threats to your infrastructure security remain on the outside looking in.

Firewalls, email, and web security provide your traditional functionality to keep viruses, malware, and other threats from accessing your infrastructure via the network. This appliances and applications block access and entry by any malicious outside software.

Network security management tools ensure that anyone gaining access to your network wirelessly has access to only the right data at the right times. This policy based approach to network security segments your network and can allow different levels of access for different types of users, be they guests, administrators, or basic users of the network.

Our network security experts also have the ability to conduct a detailed assessment of your infrastructure to insure you’re ready to defend yourself against cyber threats.


What Our Customers Are Saying

 Bergen Community College was very concerned about the mitigating risk of a breach due to the volatile nature of the Cyber Security landscape. Promedia’s in depth Security Assessment helped us to quickly identify and remediate areas requiring immediate attention. The solution involved an evaluation of not only our IT infrastructure, but also ensured we had the necessary policies and procedures in place. Most importantly, they highlighted the importance of having the appropriate safeguards and governance for oversight to protect the College’s information assets. Promedia has been a valuable partner and worked very well with our management and hands-on teams to ensure our goals were being met, as well as meeting FERPA, PCI, and general industry standard policies & guidelines. 

Testimonial Sharyne A. Miller
Sharyne A. Miller
Director of IT / CIO, Bergen Community College



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