Data Storage & Protection

Highly available, reliable Data Storage is an essential part of any well designed data center. Storage area networks are designed to optimize the availability of your data and make sure that end-users are able to access their data quickly and easily whenever they need it, including email, databases, and files. An effective storage array can also streamline and enable more effective data protection efforts.

Protection and archiving solutions are another important piece of your data center architecture. As more and more laws are passed regarding eDiscovery and archiving data, it is becoming important than ever to develop a protection solution for properly backing up and accessing this data when it is needed. Reliable protection solutions allow you to reduce storage and management cost through the use of deduplication, compression and archiving technology. Data protection solutions ensure that your virtual or physical systems are always available, and help to cut down on business downtime by facilitating quick, efficient data restoration. This technology enables you to reduce storage capitol expenditures by providing space-saving deduplication and unified archiving.

Evolving Cloud protection solutions are an alternative option, which can give you the same high availability of your data while allowing you to pay only for what you need and offload management and maintenance costs.