Power Management

Power Management Solutions That Can Help You Reduce Costs & Improve Efficiency

Power management is a critical consideration for any modern data center. Effective power management can ensure that all of your essential devices and applications remain powered up (even for a limited amount of time in the case of an outage), delivering the experience end-users expect even in the event of a service interruption. Uninterruptable power supplies, surge protective devices, and power distribution units work together to make sure your infrastructure receives the power it needs to work at optimal levels. Remote monitoring and power management software even gives you a view into real-time analytics of the power draw of your infrastructure, allowing you to adapt on the fly and continue to deliver service on the highest levels.

Effective power management also assists with meeting green goals and initiatives, allowing you to configure and control your network infrastructure and data center to use as little energy as possible. Promedia can conduct detailed power management assessments to help you determine ways to optimize your network for effective power usage, both use (and thus pay for) less energy, and also deliver the experience that your users expect from your infrastructure.