A Message to Our Community

Welcome to a New Era for Promedia.


This is an exciting time for the Promedia community, and we’re thrilled you’re along for the journey with us. Moving forward, Promedia will now be known as “Promedia, a New Era Technology Company,” or “Promedia-New Era” in shorthand. The evolution of Promedia-New Era is part of an ongoing process which began with the acquisition of the company by AAV Holding Corporation in May 2015, and represents a strong partnership between Promedia-New Era and our parent company New Era Technology.

What does it mean for you, our customer community, that we’re now Promedia-New Era?

It means more of the excellent service you’ve come to expect from us. It means the continued leadership of Gene Murphy and Paul Nolan, who’ve helped schools and businesses make the most of technology for over 20 years. It means a knowledgeable, responsive team that you can count on. It means a growing, dynamic organization that will help you meet the challenges of today and tomorrow with a full suite of technology solutions that fit your goals. It means a brand new suite of tried and tested software-as-a-service solutions from our international sister companies. It means more of the educational events and content that we’re passionate about providing.

It means a new era of excellence in technology for Promedia-New Era and our customer community, and we can’t wait to get going.


The Promedia-New Era Team



If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your Promedia-New Era representative, or reach out to Partner Development Manager Adam Scarzafava at 973-253-7600 or ascarzafava@promedianj.com.

Adam Scarzafava