Communication and Alerting

Improving Alerts & Communication With Our Security Solutions

Even with extensive security planning and deterrents such as video surveillance and access control, it is impossible to guarantee complete safety at all times. For the rare case when you need to respond to an emergency security event on your campus, communication and alerting solutions are essential.

These solutions take several different forms, depending on the area of campus and the available technology where the alert is taking place.

Panic Buttons

Panic button systems allow a user to set off an alarm indicating that a security threat is taking place. The system has the ability to notify administrators and security personnel instantaneously when the button is pressed, allowing for a quick response to the threat.

Paging Systems

Paging systems can be used to quickly carry a message to multiple areas of the campus at one time. Messages about an ongoing security threat can be broadcast via the paging system and/or an accompanying text display to keep everyone up to date on the situation.

Digital Signage

Digital signage can similarly be used to communicate about an ongoing threat via images or text. Solutions like the AMX Schoolview system allows administrators to override all other content on digital signage throughout a campus and broadcast a message, leading to a more coordinated and effective overall campus response.

Two-Way Communication

Two-way communication technologies for mobile devices, such as ELERTS, allow administrators and security personnel to communicate with those directly affected by an emergency, as well as give them the ability to direct other people in the area to safety. The ability to quickly and discretely exchange information with first responders in an emergency can be essential for emergency personnel to mount a swift, appropriate response to whatever the threat may be.