Mantraps & Pass Throughs

Secure Your Campus With Our Mantraps & Pass Throughs Security Solutions

Mantrap HQMantraps and pass-throughs bring together effective physical security practices and intelligent architecture to add a layer of safety and protection to your campus. Best placed at the entryways and exits of your environment, doors designed as mantraps work in conjunction with your video surveillance, access control, and visitor credentialing systems to prevent access and restrict movement of suspicious visitors on your campus. Visitors can gain access to the man trap or lobby as they pass a human assessment but will be required to dip their driver’s license into a reader before access to the facility is granted. These structures are designed to deliver several layers of security via a series of doorways, protected by various security devices. For instance, verbal and visual confirmation may be enough to pass through the outermost door to your buildings, but a deeper background check via a visitor management system can be required to enter the building proper. This allows you to have layers of accessibility and transparency for your visitors but still have an environment that is as safe as possible.

Pass-throughs are increasingly popular as they reduce the amount of human traffic that would normally access the campus. A common scenario is a student who forgets their work, books or lunch, which need to be dropped off. Pass-throughs, similar to a bank teller window, allow those items to be safely passed into the school without requiring the parent or guardian to enter as well. In this instance, your visitor management system can still generate a label to be attached to the item for easy and correct distribution, and provide accountability for the item at the end of the day if not yet claimed.