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The security and safety of people and property are growing concerns for every organization. Modern technologies enable every part of your security infrastructure to be integrated into the network, delivering greater ease of management, operational efficiency, and responsiveness for your security team.

With Promedia, the Protected Campus experience begins from the moment someone sets foot on your property. Security cameras connected via a wired or wireless network can monitor areas like entryways and remote parking lots. With proper planning and design, these cameras are connected to your network of indoor cameras to visually track visitors throughout your campus. Access control and visitor management technology enhance security protocol as people enter buildings. Access control cards and scanners allow validated personnel quick, easy access to authorized areas, and intercom systems provide personnel the first line of defense in assessing new visitors. From there, visitor management solutions give you the ability to run a background check to prevent unwanted entries. Other exciting technologies, like applications with features for emergency two-way communication, see something-say something functionality, and campus escorts extend your security and safety functionality to the individuals you’re trying to protect.

By viewing the Protected Campus as a holistic safety and security solution, Promedia can deploy a variety of security tools that work in concert to keep your environment safe. These tools enable you to keep out unwanted visitors and enable the people who belong on your campus to have a role in the security process, extending your vision to wherever a user with an iPhone may go.

21st Century Learning

21st Century Learning technology brings advanced technology solutions in line with curriculum and achievement goals to better serve today’s students and teachers.

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A well-designed technology infrastructure enables lightning fast connection over the network, access to all of your data when and where you need it, and optimization between the cloud & physical infrastructure to deliver high performance.

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