SAFE System

Smarter, Faster & Better Security Solutions for Your Entire Facility

SafeSystemAn integral part of Promedia’s Protect Campus solution set, the SAFE (Security Alert For Education) System, designed by Audio Enhancements is an in-classroom security alerting system that integrate video, audio, and panic alert technology to keep students and teachers safe. This system enables a video camera to be placed in the classroom with its lens completely blocked and not recording video until the second the instructor deems its use necessary. The instructor wears a pendant microphone which communicates with the camera, and has an integrated panic button as one of its features. Once the panic button is pressed, the camera lens opens and begins to record and stream video over the network infrastructure as an alert message is sent to administrators and security personnel. This gives first responders a view into the emergency in the classroom so that they can quickly react with an appropriate response. Used in this way, the SAFE System provides an excellent alerting and reaction system for situations like medical emergencies, bullying, fighting, weapons, and more.

Another exciting use of the SAFE System is as a tool to improve students’ experience in the classroom. Speakers integrated with the instructor’s pendant microphone allow for enhanced classroom audio, giving all students the ability to clearly follow along with the lesson, and giving the teacher the ability to speak in a more even, measured tone. This creates an environment where tone of voice and clear communication can be used to elevate a lesson plan. Additionally, the SAFE System’s camera is integrated with Safari Montage, so that the teacher can use it for recording and playback of lessons when appropriate.