Video Surveillance

Keep Your Environment Safe & Secure With Our Video Surveillance Solutions

A video surveillance system is an essential piece of any Protected Campus implementation. In today’s security environment, effective use of video means more than just a system of closed circuit cameras and monitors. IP cameras are the new standard for video surveillance. These modern cameras allow for information to be sent and received between the camera and a central control console over your wired connection or wireless network. This type of video surveillance solution proves to be much more dynamic than legacy closed circuit systems because digital video recordings can be accessed and manipulated instantaneously, from remote computers and other devices. Promedia has the ability to deliver the most advanced video surveillance solutions from a variety of industry leading partners.

As part of your video surveillance platform, a comprehensive video management system gives you the ability to stream, record, and manage an unlimited number of cameras at multiple sites all at from one central console. The straightforward workflow of today’s video management software platforms provide a collaborative environment in which video and alerts from across the organization are converted into meaningful events, for efficient shared handling and building a video-evidence case file. Promedia also has expertise building high-definition video walls capable of displaying your live video feeds in full detail, delivering visibility throughout your environment.

In order to record your digital video for later playback, you’ll also need to implement a data storage solution to ensure safekeeping and access at a later date. Promedia’s infrastructure and data center practice provides the expertise you need to complete your video surveillance solution.