Visitor Management

Integrated, Scalable, & Secure Visitor Management Solutions NJ

Visitor Management ImageVisitor Management solutions give you the ability to monitor and a visitor’s interactions as soon as they set foot on your campus and keep a record of who visits over time.

Video, audio and access control at your front door can work together to identify a visitor and determine if they should gain access to the building. Either before or in conjunction with this process, a credentialing system can provide an added layer of security and identification to ensure your visitors are who they say they are and determine their security risk.

Credentialing systems have the ability to scan criminal databases and millions of files within seconds to determine if your visitor should be allowed to proceed into the building. Depending on your campus’s level of security and the policy you decide to put into place, these systems allow you to quickly, effectively, and quietly identify whether your visitors should or should not gain entry to your facility. You’ll also have the ability to print visitor badges with a photo and date in large bold print for easy ID verification or labels for items dropped at the main reception area, such as mail and other personal items. Alerts can also be sent to designated recipients at other campuses or local law enforcement so each location will be aware that someone has been denied entry and be vigilant if they should try to gain access to a secondary location.