Press Release – Promedia, a New Era Technology Company

Press Release – Promedia, a New Era Technology Company



Promedia-New Era, Inc.,


New Jersey Technology Integrator Joins International Leader New Era Technology

LITTLE FALLS, NJ – September 26 – Promedia-New Era, Inc., a leader in educational technology integration, announced today a new corporate brand and logo. Promedia will now be known as “Promedia, a New Era Technology Company,” or “Promedia-New Era” in shorthand.

The evolution of Promedia-New Era is part of an ongoing process which began with the acquisition of the company by AAV Holding Corporation in May 2015. The introduction of the new brand and logo is the first phase in the transition to fully integrate Promedia-New Era with its parent company, New Era Technology, a subsidiary of AAV Holding Corporation.

This exciting alignment with its parent company is part of a continuing effort to bring the full resources and expertise of both companies to clients. Backed by the full support of New Era Technology, Promedia-New Era will continue to grow existing technology offerings, and make available new solutions to customers. Adding to Promedia-New Era’s expertise in networking, cybersecurity, physical security, cloud services, and mobile and classroom-focused technologies, New Era Technology brings dynamic cloud-based software solutions for education to the company’s portfolio.

“We’re very excited about taking the next step in the evolution of our company. Promedia-New Era is ready to grow and meet the needs of our clients, helping them utilize technology to meet their goals. The entire Promedia-New Era team is energized and ready to go, and I can’t wait to see what we’re capable of with the full resources and solution set of New Era Technology behind us,” said Wm. Paul Nolan, Promedia-New Era Chief Operating Officer.

Promedia-New Era plans to unveil the new brand and logo during the October education trade show season at NJSBA Workshop 2016 and the 2016 NJEA Convention. Full details on Promedia-New Era’s participation at both conferences is available at


For more information on the 2015 acquisition of Promedia-New Era, Inc. by AAV Holding Corporation, please visit:


About New Era Technology

New Era Technology offers managed services, cloud solutions, and systems integration to customers around the world, with branches based in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The New Era Technology team consists of over 400 full-time employees located in thirteen offices globally.


About Promedia, a New Era Technology Company

Promedia-New Era, based in Little Falls, NJ, was formed as Promedia-New Era, Inc. in 1992. Since that time, Promedia-New Era has become a driving force in the education technology landscape, with a focus on implementing solutions which empower teachers to engage students, increase student achievement, and streamline the IT deployment process for administrators. With the support of New Era Technology and a wealth of technical knowledge and experience helping customers implement the right technology to meet their organizational goals, Promedia-New Era plans to continue to lead in the education technology field while also offering solutions to meet the needs of the small-to-medium-business community.



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